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Team working. Motivation. Courage.

Now is the time when team work counts!

What can happen when common goals are unclear? Why is it so hard to ask a team member for help? What to do when a team member starts soloing?
What motivates us to reach our goals?

A company and an expedition require very similar elements. In both, a well functioning team is essential, born out of trust, respect and common goals.


Invite me to speak!

Let me talk to you, live or online, about how team spirit is created, how to build trust, and how important a positive attitude is, coloured by interesting stories and photos!

The presentations are based largely on my own experiences of team working in a work environment and from adventures around the world.

Holy men
Road to sunset
Gasherbrum Camp 1, 6000m
Banana Ridge, Pakistan
Manaslu summit
Mikä on sinun vuoresi?

Each presentation is tailored, and can be done in English, Finnish or Swedish.

The target after the presentation is that there are:
- Less of those who believe that attitude and grit don't matter

- More of those, who understand, that together we are stronger, and that the strengths of each one of us support reaching our common goals

- Lots of those, who understand that fulfilling your dreams, individually or as a team, require a bit of courage but can be hugely rewarding and motivating, and be done one small step at a time 

Each one of us can be courageous. It is a skill that can be learnt, independent of where we are starting from. It does not mean taking ridiculous risks - if there is enough daring and will, we can reach our goals and fulfill our dreams. Impossibility exists only in our minds.


Do you have questions, or would you like hear more?

Call 040-7656809 or email kim(dot)nystrom(at)gmail(dot)com

What do customers say?

"Cooperation was really easy. We presented some background info and wishes about the event and target group, to which Kim actively suggested suitable views. The presentation itself was inspiring and thought-provoking. Also the online aspect had been taken into account."

Anu Karreinen, Business Leader, Hurry Creative

"Kim's own experiences in overcoming hardship and adversity, in setting overwhelming goals and reaching them, are useful to the sales team in increasing motivation and team spirit. Ask Kim to speak, be inspired and ignite your troops!"

Juha Herrainsilta, Sales Director, FENNIA

“We were very happy with the way Kim tackled the team working mountain - his real life stories from expeditions and the office were spot on. Good advice and ideas!”

Martin Evers, CEO, Thurne Teknik AB

“Wonderful presentation about how you can fulfill improbable dreams, as long as you have motivation and patience! The way he presented was very entertaining and funny, with incredible photos to back it up."

Benita Bärlund, Chairwoman, Gäddvik-Mattby Pensionärsklubb

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