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Expedition Gasherbrum 2
& Broad Peak 2022

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For photos, please go to my FB page or Instagram account @originalkimster

Oh boy, it is expedition time! Time to leave family and friends and the daily routines behind for a while. To go and experience the raw nature; the mountains, the incredible views, the stars of exceptional brilliance, the white snowfields and glaciers, and the blue sky. Time to experience new things.


Being fortunate to have that opportunity makes you very humble, and you understand that life is all about experiences, and that what you experience in life is all up to you. You make your own destiny.

Aah but I hear you thinking – why can’t you experience all that raw nature on a beautiful sunny beach somewhere, or on a safari? Wouldn’t that be better than going where there is a lot less oxygen, it’s cold, possibly dangerous and physically and mentally tough?


Well yes, it could be. And I’ve done that too and enjoyed it to 100%. So, why the mountains???


For some reason, with regular intervals, I have a drive to challenge myself. The mountains are an incredible place to do that. The challenge is both physical and mental, it requires motivation, commitment, dedication, overcoming setbacks, endurance and often a bit of luck as well. It is also a huge learning experience, learning not just about oneself but also very much about humility, courage, team working, trust, cooperation and leadership.


But the simple and short answer as to “Why?” is – because I like it. Why do you paint, play basketball, run a marathon, or drink a beer? None of those are necessary – yet you are never questioned as to why you do them. I just happen to really, really like it :-D

Where am I going, and when? To the Western edges of the Himalayan range, to Pakistan. I should be leaving on 15.6 and returning on 11.8. One of the most beautiful areas in the world - the Karakoram mountains. During the approach you can see over 40 mountain peaks that are over 6500m high. Of those, four are over 8000m. One of them is K2, the second highest mountain in the world. The two of interest for this trip are Gasherbrum 2 and Broad Peak.

I have been to the same area once before and ever since have been wanting to go back. The scenery and experience was really that good and I’m so happy I finally have the chance to return!

Gasherbrum 2, 8035m
Broad Peak, 8047m

The full duration – if all goes well, and conditions allow, is seven weeks. Out of those seven the first five weeks include the approach trek, acclimatisation and summit attempt of Gasherbrum 2. The following two weeks are for resting and attempting Broad Peak. 


A trip like this is definitely not without its risks. I have set myself clear limits that I am not willing to cross, no matter how close to the summit I may or may not be. As one of the world's most famous mountaineers, Ed Viesturs, said: "Getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory".

And trust me, it is not about me wanting to conquer anything – you simply can’t conquer a mountain. If the mountain and the conditions allow, at best you can rise to the same level for a very short time. For me the reward is to enjoy the whole end-to-end experience - should we manage to reach the summit or summits, it is a nice added bonus.

Below is the rough agenda. The climbing phase days will vary depending on how well we acclimatise plus weather and mountain conditions.

  • Day 1 - Arrive Islamabad.

  • Day 2 - Guided sightseeing and shopping in Islamabad, 508m.

  • Day 3 - Fly to Skardu, transfer to Skardu hotel, 2230m.

  • Day 4 - Skardu sightseeing.

  • Day 5 - Skardu - Briefing at Department of Tourism. Final preparations.

  • Day 6 - Drive by Jeep to Askole. Camp, 3048m.

  • Day 7 - Trek to Jhola camp, 3305m.

  • Day 8 - Trek to Paiju camp, 3620m. Trek to this small forest in the Baltoro Valley.

  • Day 9 - Rest/Acclimatisation Day in Paiju.

  • Day 10 - Trek to Urdukas camp, 4200m. Camp amongst grass and boulders, with amazing views of the Great Trango Towers.

  • Day 11 - Goro II camp, 4495m. Back on the Baltoro Glacier with views of the mightiest peaks all around.

  • Day 12 - Concordia camp, 4800m. the most spectacular mountain scenery anywhere in the world.

  • Day 13 - Trek To Gasherbrum Basecamp, 5150m. Set up base camp.

  • Day 14 - Rest day In Base Camp.

  • Day 15 - Gear Check and Ice Training near basecamp.

  • Day 16 - To Camp 1,6000m. Return to base camp.

  • Day 17 - To Camp 1,overnight in Camp 1.

  • Day 18 - Explore the route to Camp 2. Sleep in Camp 1.

  • Day 19 - Climb to Camp 2, 6900m. Sleep in Camp 2.

  • Day 20 - Explore the route to Camp 3. Descend to Camp 1.

  • Day 21 - Descend to Base Camp.

  • Day 22 - Rest in base camp.

  • Day 23 - To Camp 1, 5900m. Overnight.

  • Day 24 - Climb to Camp 2, 6900m. Overnight.

  • Day 25 - Climb to Camp 3, 7400m. Overnight.

  • Day 26 - Descend to Camp 1.

  • Day 27 - Descend to Base Camp.

  • Day 28 - Rest in base camp.

  • Day 29 - Rest in base camp.

  • Day 30 - To Camp 1, 6000m. Overnight.

  • Day 31 - Climb to Camp 2, 6900m. Overnight.

  • Day 32 - Climb to Camp 3, 7400m. Overnight.

  • Day 33 - Summit attempt, 8035m. Return to Camp 3.

  • Day 34 - Extra day for additional summit attempt.

  • Day 35 - Descend to Camp 1.

  • Day 36 - Descend to Base camp.

  • Day 37 - Rest day in Base Camp.

  • Day 38 - Trek to Broad Peak Base Camp, 4800m

  • Day 39 - Rest day in Base Camp

  • Day 40 - Climb to Camp 1, 5800m. Overnight.

  • Day 41 - Climb to Camp 2, 6600m. Overnight.

  • Day 42 - Climb to Camp 3, 7400m. Overnight.

  • Day 43 - Summit attempt, 8051m. Return to Camp 3.

  • Day 44 - Extra day for additional summit attempt.

  • Day 45 - Descend to Camp 1.

  • Day 46 - Descend to base camp. Pack up and prepare for departure.

  • Day 47 - Follow the Upper Baltoro Glacier to Ali Camp, 4800m.

  • Day 48 - Cross the Gondogoro La pass,5585m. Descend to Huisprung, 4600m.

  • Day 50 - Last day of trekking to Hushe Village, 3050m, and jeeps to Skardu

  • Day 52 - Flight to Islamabad.

  • Day 53 - Fly home

  • Day 54 - spare day

  • Day 55 - spare day

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